The Uintah City Fire Department Explorer program began as part of the South Ogden Fire Department by Fire Captain James Osgood. Upon his retirement from South Ogden Fire, and joining Uintah City Fire Department in order to make sure the post survived Post 881 transferred over to Uintah City Fire Department. The post is thriving today due to the hard work of Fire Marshal Osgood, department personnel and the support of the Fire Chief.

The Explorer Post is a division of The Boy Scouts of America.  Uintah City Fire Department is chartered through the Boy Scouts to have an Explorer post within the department. The Boy Scouts provide the structure and support necessary for a successful program, and Uintah City Fire Department provides the staffing and technical information to allow young adults to explore the fire service as a career opportunity.  

The purpose of the Explorer Post, in addition to the mission of the Boy Scouts of America, is to provide a positive environment which promotes the involvement of young adults in the communities within Weber and Davis Counties.

One of the most important aspects of the Explorer program is the training that the Explorers receive and the skills they develop over the period of their enrollment.  The Uintah City Fire Department strives to bring the Explorers to a higher level of training by putting them through training exercises that would push even some seasoned firefighters to the limit of their knowledge as well as their manipulative skills.  Some of the training exercises include pulling hose lines, raising ladders, as well as fire line construction and wildland fire fighting hose lays. 

The training guidelines are established in the Uintah City Fire Department Explorer training manual. Explorers are trained and tested in both manipulative and academic skills. The Explorers are required to train approximately 4 hours per week, not including special assignments. Upon completion of Level 1 training, the Explorers will be able to ride along on the engine company responding to all types of emergency incidents. The more training and skills an Explorer acquires, the greater the responsibility during emergency incidents.

Uintah City Fire Department Explorer program encourages enthusiastic, inquisitive and civic-minded young adults who are willing to commit time and energy to the program.  There is no salary or pay given to the Explorers, but the volunteer experience and knowledge gained is without comparison.

Explorer FAQs

Is there an age requirement to join the explorers?
Yes, between 14 ā€“ 21 years.

When are the drills/meetings/training?
First three Thursday of each month from 6-10pm and last Saturday of each month all day.

Is there a residency requirement?
No, however local students are given priority.

Is there a school requirement?
Yes, explorer must maintain a ā€œCā€ average.

How do I become an explorer?

An application must be completed; oral Interview; release of liability must be signed; background check.