The Uintah City Fire Department offers many community outreach programs designed to promote fire safe behavior through a variety of educative mediums. Public safety education offerings include fire safety lectures, educative entertainment for children, fire department history, and fire safety demonstrations. For further information on our free educational programs or to schedule an event, please contact the department at

Our Fire Safety Education Program provides Fire Department speakers trained in basic fire safety education and covers common fire hazards, proper use of a fire extinguisher, installation and maintenance of smoke detectors, critical evacuation skills and a video on fire safety. Literature on burn prevention tips and burn first aid is also included. Fire safety speaking engagements are structured to accommodate all ages and learning abilities. Youngster demos may include a firefighter with turnout gear and a tour of an engine or ambulance.

If you would like to schedule a tour of the new fire station (as an individual or group), please email the station at  We are honored when we have visitors come by and we are glad to give tours!  Giving us as much advance notice as possible helps to ensure that we will have adequate staff on site!

We look forward to seeing you!